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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and cloud hosting services are revolutionizing the way that small businesses do their information and communication technology, world-wide. And if you haven’t yet connected your small business to the power of the cloud,

here are a few reasons you should seriously consider doing so

  • Cloud based software for flexible working conditions
  • Mobile applications for business solutions
  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Data back-up
  • Data and document sharing and storage
  • Software testing for production purposes
  • Geo-replication of data
  • Full redundancy
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From almost as soon as you move your business' ICT over to the cloud, your bottom line will start improving! This is due to your small business no longer being required to purchase and run expensive server hardware. Savings are compounded since your small business no longer has to shoulder the costs of maintaining the servers and associated software. Cloud computing means you share the costs with countless other small businesses whereas on traditional on-site systems, you pay for the whole set-up and never fully utilize it! 

Cloud computing has the ability to grow with your business so there is no need to put work or progress on hold while your business procures additional hardware resources and suffers set-up delays


By integrating cloud computing and our expert support into your day - to - day operations, you will be able to redirect your human resources  to focus on growing your sales and services. This is possible thanks to DiGG-It's dedicated off-site cloud facilities that are permanently monitored and replicated in multiple locations. Our cloud services means stopping IT problems before they appear, and you will enjoy duplicated cloud set-ups in various locations which means your uptime is 99% guaranteed! 

With such redundancies in place, your data is backed-up and your servers and IT services will never let you or your clients down! 


DiGG-IT utilizes the world’s leading cloud facilities to provide our clients with cutting edge computing capabilities by harnessing the power of Economies of Scale that cloud computing offers. The latest equipment is available to your small business, and you are charged only for how much of the computing power you use, and only for the time you use it! 

You simply carry on with your business, and DiGG-ITs cloud computers will scale up with your demands, without you even noticing! 


Your staff and field service teams  will able to access their data, emails & specialist business software from any location with internet access. The power of cloud business software solutions also means that the office is where the staff are, not vice versa. This flexibility means your staff and clients will enjoy more rapid response rates, access to information means jobs can be completed sooner, and performance and quality checking are possible in real time.

Saving Time now means Making Money and Enjoying Client Retention!



R699Per Month(ex)
  • CPU Cores: 1
  • Memory: 1.75 GB
  • Disk: OS=1023 GB, Temp=70 GB
  • Additional Disks: 2 x 1023GB
  • Additional Disks charged at R 1 per GB
  • Recovery backups at R 1 per GB

Growing Business

R999Per Month(ex)
  • CPU Cores: 2
  • Memory: 3.5 GB
  • Disk: OS=1023 GB, Temp=135 GB
  • Additional Disks: 4 x 1023GB
  • Additional Disks charged at R 1 per GB
  • Recovery backups at R 1 per GB

Established Business

R1999Per Month(ex)
  • CPU Cores: 4
  • Memory: 7 GB
  • Disk: OS=1023 GB, Temp=285 GB
  • Additional Disks: 8 x 1023GB
  • Additional Disks charged at R 1 per GB
  • Recovery backups at R 1 per GB


R3999Per Month(ex)
  • CPU Cores: 8
  • Memory: 14 GB
  • Disk: OS=1023 GB, Temp=605 GB
  • Additional Disks: 16 x 1023GB
  • Additional Disks charged at R 1 per GB
  • Recovery backups at R 1 per GB

Become a Climate Super Hero

Did you know that moving to the cloud is good for the environment too? Our cloud services are constantly utilizing the latest and most efficient components available. Also, since you share these cloud resources with other small businesses, less power is used to run full servers and backup infrastructure per small business.

DiGG-IT and our suppliers are committed to ethical energy practices so you can rest assured that while your small business is saving money and IT resources, you are also saving the planet!