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About Us

In today’s economy, business requires fast, professional and intelligent solutions to problems. Swift decision making in the face of challenges are what make the difference between high-end profitable business and cash strapped and ill informed undertakings.

Small business cannot afford to set aside human and capital resources in the same manner as their larger and more established counterparts and therefore require affordable solutions that produce big rewards.

Enter DiGG-IT, a boutique technology outfit based in Gauteng, South Africa. DiGG-IT is able to rapidly provide innovative solutions to challenges that typically take big business and multi-national corporations extended time frames and large budgets to resolve.

The energetic and enthusiastic DiGG-IT Software, Technology and Business Solutions company was borne from the need for small businesses to reap the benefits of having an on-call ICT and software solutions business partner with expertise across multiple business domains. DiGG-IT has the background and foresight to know how to approach old and new business obstacles in cost effective ways, and with the least amount of disruption to our clients operations. This means limited project scope creep, sticking to budgets, and especially mitigating knock-on effects that put a downer on our clients’ bottom lines!

DiGG-IT is a business partner first. Our clients’ innovative ideas fuel our drive to change the way small business does business. We are able to integrate multiple technology platforms in ways that streamline clients’ business work-flow and operations. Our solutions are developed with the macro-economy in mind and adapt to existing infrastructure thereby being easy to use by practically anyone, with the added benefit of being able to dovetail with newer technologies later.

DiGG-IT’s target market is micro and small businesses across the African economy. This sector contributes enormously to the economic and employment development of the economies in Africa, yet these businesses are the least able to outlay vast resources for technology. DiGG-IT is committed to participating in the liberation of the African Micro and Small Business by making technology and customised business solutions accessible, affordable and most importantly – intuitive.

Bring the power of DiGG-IT into your business today.  

DiGG-IT is a business partner first. Our clients’ innovative ideas fuel our drive to change the way small business does business

At DiGG-IT Technologies, we are passionate about software, developing software and systems integration. We develop and deliver innovative solutions with a practical approach to problem solving, robust software engineering techniques and innovative ideas resulting in big rewards from affordable solutions. This enables us to provide our clients with the wealth of Software and Technology experience gained from years servicing multiple industries. Our Executive Suite has over 25 years combined experience in the fields of software, development, process flow, management information systems and automation, giving our team confidence that we will deliver smart and insightful solutions at more than affordable rates.